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Located at 223 W. Main St. in Park Hills. A place for anyone who is passionate about being healthy! From the fitness enthusiast to those who are just starting their fitness journey, Stay Fit has a place for you! Try one of our classes we offer Drumstick/ Hit It, and the unique BOSU Total Body class. Or, if you prefer a more private setting, sign up for personal training. You will have access to equipment available only to personal training clients. This is a completely private session, held in a room separated from other members - so you never have to feel self conscious while working out. Come see why Stay Fit is different from all other personal training facilities. 


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Jumpstart Your Health


Get your heart rate up while making changes to your body- inside and out. Endurance helps make doing daily life tasks easier, agility training will keep your body mobile and your reaction times at their best.



Working out with your significant other or a friend can keep you motivated, and it's fun! Grab your tennis shoes and a friend and let your fitness journey begin.

Cross Fit Class


Surround yourself with individuals who are in all stages of fitness! Try any of our several classes or try group personal training with Michelle!

Whatever your fitness needs, we're here to bring you results. Contact for more details.



Tired of sitting all day in the office? Do your body a favor and get your blood pumping. Health and fitness is as much about what your body looks like on the outside as it is about how it functions on the inside. These workouts will have your heart are up and have you feeling stronger in no time! Your body will thank you for it!

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